Forest at night – Enjoying the nocturnal beauty

We will enter on safe ways our forests with my night vision devices.

Previously we will speak about potentially fears (animals, darkness), if they are pausible or not and we will talk about the animals we will probably see/hear.

After our tour I invite you to join a “silent time”, which means we are going to sit silently in the forest, relax and use our sins (smell, hear, feel).
You can focus on yourself and you will also probably hear the sounds of the night.
This is a big oportunity for you to enjoy the beauty of a nocturnal forest in a good-feeling way.

This sounds weird and scary to you? This is your chance, because we will be very careful and I know the area very well.

You will find all dates here, of course you can also book a private tour for family, friends, colleagues.
Feel free to ask :).

Time: Ca. 3-4h, optionally followed by 30-60 minutes „silent time“.

Price: 24€ each participan on the weekend (fr, sa) ; 20€ each participant (so-th)

Participant: Min. 5, max. 8 (minimum age: 14 years ; younger kids only after consultation)

Needs: Clothes adapted to the weather with low noise (!), preferably dark

Please use a translator for the AGB, it will be translated soon.