Tours in English

Hallo :),

I’m Michael, a certified wildlife tracker and I also offer my guided tours in English.
You want to know which animals are living in our forests and how they are going for their needs (food, scat, sleeping, propagation..)?
We will „track“ them, which means we are looking for different signs they leave while living their lifes.

Or you want to enter our forests at night and learn more about our nocturnal animals and their behaviour?
We will walk on safe routes and try to hear and see them with my night vision devices.
After that, we will perform a „silent time“, which means you have the oportunity to enjoy a forest at night.
You will sit down, relax and have your focus on all your senses (listening, sniffing, feeling).

All my tours are in the living room of our wild friends, therefor we are absolutely careful and with big respect to avoid possible any disturbance.

Attention: I do not hold a monologue.
You have to think, guess and work with the group and me.
Therefor an alert look and big ears are recommended  ;).

You will find the dates under „Öffentliche Termine“.

You have a question regarding my program or to my guides tours? You want to book a separate tour with friends, colleguages or other people? Feel free to send me an E-Mail.

Please note that the forms and the confimation mail are written in german. You should be able to grasp the essential information anyway – but if you’re unsure what to do, please contact me at any time. The general way to proceed is to submit the corresponding form for the course and date selected. Then you’ll receive an automated e-mail with your payment information. Once your payment went through, you’ll get another automated confirmation. I’ll send you an individual e-mail 1-2 weeks ahead of the course date with the final information in regard to meeting point and other useful information.