Tracking tour – How the animals live

We will meet in differents habitats in Münster and learn more about our wild animals.
Which animals are living here and which signs do they leave while they are going for their needs?
Where do I found those signs and what are they telling me? Nothing on our tour will be prepared, we will find enough signs ;).


Where does the deer sleep? Who ate from that nut?
Those and many other question will be answered.

This tour is for beginners, but also “tracker” with small experience will learn something new.

After this tour you will probably check supposed “scat from dog” twice and have a detailled view on your environment ;).

You will find all dates here, of course you can also book a private tour for family, friends, colleagues.
Feel free to ask :).

Time: Ca. 3h

Price: 19€ each person

Participants: Min. 5, max. 15

Needs: Clothes adapted to the weather

Please use a translator for the AGB (information about refund, rules), it will be translated soon.